May. 3rd, 2017

 So here is the Prolog to the new series:  Last Year's Echo, which is the purported name of AU John Lennon's memoir.  The story has jumped from New Year's 2002 to Mid-2005.  In the ensuing 3 years, AU John has been writing the memoir, and now it is close to publication time.  John is ambivalent and stressed.  I have used this title before as the name of the first album AU John and Paul released after they renewed their creative partnership.  It is a line from one of John's solo songs, Bless You, on the 1973 album Walls and Bridges.  

In this series we will bounce from the present day (2005) to the Memoir.  It's tricky.  After the first few chapters, where I set the situation up, in order to indicate when the story is in present day, I will place those sections in italic font.  The "Memoir" will therefore be non-italic. 

Please know that I ghostwrote AU John's "Memoir" and I have taken a number of artistic licenses as the story progresses.  I add stories and anecdotes that I made up from whole cloth, I interpret events we know happened in a way that services the story, and I did try for the most part to stick to the proper timeline.  But I'm not a historian, and I had to rely on a lot of Internet information and some or all of it may be wrong.  I'm hoping people won't hold me to the little errors I make in this regard - I didn't want reality to get in the way of a good story!!!!!  (I hate when that happens.)  I'm also not British, so I may use improper terminology now and then.  I tried to cross check myself through research, but I'm sure I got a few things wrong.  I don't mind if you point them out so I can edit the stories, but I figure if we get too lost in those kind of details it must mean the story itself isn't compelling enough to hold the reader's attention!

One more admission - this one is embarrassing.  I have to pretend that the Memoir is fantastic! Beautifully written! But I wrote it myself.  But I have to claim this is true for the good of the story.  To the extent it isn't fantastic or beautifully written is my fault, and not AU John's fault!  

So, in this first chapter, we meet some new characters, and we go through AU John's anxiety about his newest creative project.  

WARNINGS:  This is ENTIRELY FICTION.  Even if there are some historical events included, the story itself is ENTIRELY FICTIONAL.  Just so we have that set.  This is NOT REALLY JOHN'S MEMOIR.  LOL.  Oh - and this is a Slash AU, so if that's not your thing, you probably shouldn't read this.  This particular chapter is PG-13.  

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